Historical Photo around 1945 in Vienna (Austria)


A music theater for singers and audiences on bicycles


Thomas Cornelius Desi (music) and Martina F. Schmidt (text)

  • 3 female voices on bicycles
  • 2 male voices on bicycles
  • No power additives.

Roughly 90 mins time.

Requires audiences on bicycles.

Let’s discover new views and places where you live! Follow us on your bicycle!

In different spots we will stop. We might even split up and play and sing at different venues at the same time about the same wheeler!

The two inconspicuous wheels that carry us, make us almost fly over city and countryside are the focus of this music theatre project.

Stories about deliveries of all kinds: How to steal your own bicycle, how to sing in front of a red traffic light about a broken nose, to sell bikes to robots, meet the two-dimensional policemen, indulge in slam poetry by a bicycle messenger and do a slow motion salto and many more. As we take a shortcut across congested streets, fall into a pit, get a scrape, reward our chains with a good portion of oil we feel alive in singing, playing, cycling.

Madrigalesque Opera

And, of course, there is opera singing. A series of a capella – voice only – “Madrigals” for 5 cycling opera singers with operatic bicycles.


A cyclist consumes 400 times less energy than a car for a comparable distance! This is 20.000 percent less! So we are five times 20.000 percents, a staggering 100.000 percent more efficent and obviously another zillion percent more operatically operative than any fussel fuel powered mobile opera.


Because of all the good things in this project, we want to show it in many many different places. This is why the concept is open and adaptable to changing environments, from urban landscapes to countryside. Most stories can be followed by performance and music alone. So enjoy this show anywhere everywhere.

Ride with us!

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