Adagio in K.

1999, 20‘ (V, V, Va, Vc, Kb, Kfag, Klar., Harmonium, CD-Zuspielung)
UA: 3.5.1999. Orchesterhaus des Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg, ÖeNM, Ltg. Johannes Kalitzke

A quotation from Albinoni? Yes and no, because the quotation is taken from a cinematic soundtrack: a film by Orson Welles on Kafka’s „The Process“. So now: what is what? What is this music actually referring to? Albinoni? This Film or film in general? To Orson Welles? To Kafka? Or to the Text „Vor dem Gesetz“ (Before the law)? Quotations are not unidirectional, they point in many directions, like a bunch of arrows!